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Lubo╣ Perek

Galaxies and Planetary Systems

Research Fields: Distribution of mass in the galaxy, high-velocity stars, planetary nebulae, definition of outer space, geostationary orbit, space debris, management of outer space. 1946 graduated from Masaryk University, Brno, 1956 PhD in Astronomy at Charles University, Prague, 1961 DSc in Astronomy. 1965 Corresponding Member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. 1952-1956 Associate Professor, Masaryk University. 1964 Visiting Professor, Northwestern University. 1967-1970 General Secretary of the IAU. 1968-1975 Director of the Astronomical Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. 1975-1980 Chief, Outer Space Affairs Division, United Nations, New York. Medals: University of Li?ge 1969, ADION 1972, T. Hagecius de Hajek 1980, Nagy Ern÷ 1981, Zagreb Univ. 1982, City of Paris 1982, Coll?ge de France 1986, Prix Janssen de la SocietÚ Astronomique de France 1992, Asteroid 2900 named Lubos Perek, Dr. H. C. Masaryk University 1999. 44 papers on stellar dynamics and planetary nebulae, Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae (jointly with L.áKohoutek) Academia Praha 1967. 80 papers and articles on the geostationary orbit, definition of outer space, space debris, protection of space environment.