Title:Binary formation as a result of collisional disruption and gravitational reaccumulation
Author:Patrick Michel, Cote d'Azur Observatory, and Derek C. Richardson, University of Maryland

We will present results of simulations of the collisional process, and especially of the following reaccumulations by means of the gravitational N-body code pkdgrav, which will show that the formation of binaries is a natural outcome of the disruption of large asteroids. Until recently, these simulations could only provide the mass and separation of the components of these systems, but we have now the possibility to give also some indications of their shapes and spins. The long term stability of these binaries still needs to be quantified. However, the comparison of their properties with the observed ones in the main belt should allow us to determine whether some of these main belt asteroids have properties consistent with the ones produced by this mechanism, or if they must be produced through other processes.