Travel Information

How to reach Prague

Airline connections exist between Prague and all European and most of the world capitals. A flight schedule of the Czech airline company CSA can be found on their website. Information on bus and train connections are available on the web sites of the Integrated Transportation Information System or Czech Railways, both available also in English.

Public transport in Prague

Prague is a compact city (at least from a sightseeing point of view) with a good public transport system. The underground/subway (Metro) runs 3 lines, green - 'A', yellow - 'B' and red - 'C', from 5:00 AM to midnight. The trams and buses run on a similar schedule. During the night special night trams and buses operate. Detailed information can be obtained on this web site. The basic single-journey fare for public transportation is 32 CZK, the ticket can be bought in the yellow ticket dispensers and validated (stamped) before the first usage. After the stamping the ticket is valid for next 90 minutes in all means of the public transportation (subway, trams, buses, and the trains inside the city), the number of transfer is unlimited. In addition to the single-journey fare the 24-hour and 72-hour tickets can be bought for 110CZK and 310 CZK, respectively.

Taxi in Prague

The price is about 28 CZK per 1 km plus an initial charge 40 CZK, but the prices are not fixed and can differ considerably. Ask for approximate price rather in advance. You can get more detailed information at the website of AAA Taxi, one of the companies recommended to the tourists at the Prague International Airport.

Map from the Václav Havel Airport to the railway station Hlavní nádraží in Prague. There are special buses travelling Airport Terminal 2 -> Airport Terminal 1 -> railway station Hlavní nádraží and vice versa. RadioSun-5 participants can also use a taxi for their transport to/from the railway station Hlavní nádraží.

How to reach České Budějovice

The most simple trip from Prague to České Budějovice is via trains, i.e., from railway station Hlavní nádraží in Prague. There is only one railway station in České Budějovice located near to the city center. The train ticket costs about 200 CZK and the trip lasts about 2.5 hours.
Map from railway station Hlavní nádraží in Prague to České Budějovice.

How to reach the Faculty of Science in České Budějovice.

Map from railway station in České Budějovice (images above) to the University (Faculty of Science) in Branišovská street (see 'Meeting Venue').
Transportation from the city center by public transport lines no. 3, 7, 15, 41 and 53 with the output of the station "University of South Bohemia" (venue, dormitories) in Branišovská street. Lines No. 3, 15, 41 and 53 go directly from the railway station in České Budějovice.

More detailed information for the trolley-bus (line) No. 3:
You can go from the railway station in České Budějovice across the road using under-crossing. The trolley-bus stop is situated on the left hand of the entrance of the railway station (approx. 80-100 m.) The price for the ticket to the University (and dormitories) is 16 CZK (60-min validation of the ticket). The trolley-bus stop name (near to the University) is "JIHOCESKA UNIVERZITA". According to the timetable of the trolley-bus No. 3, it goes every 10-12 minutes.

You can use a taxi:
After arriving to the railway station you can go to the street and found the taxi desk on the right hand of the entrance to the railway station. The taxi to the University (and dormitories) costs 200 CZK.

Currency and Exchange Rates

The Czech Republic is not yet a member of Eurozone and the local currency - Czech Crown is used. The international currency symbol is CZK. All the conference-related payments will be therefore realised in CZKs. The current exchange rates for various currencies to be found here.


Weather in Prague as well as in České Budějovice in May is usually pleasant, the temperature reaches values 20-25 degrees of Celsius. Rain showers and storms are possible. Nights are cooler. You are advised to bring light casual clothes as well as a sweater or jacket for the evenings. Detailed weather forecast can be found at the webpage of the hydrometeorological institute.