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Ondřejov, Czech Republic 15.9.2008 - 19.9.2008


Ondřejov is situated 35km south-east from Prague. There is a regular bus connection from Prague. The buses depart from "Depo Hostivař", the end-station of Prague metro line "A". Use buses No. 383 and 393. Get off at 'Ondřejov, nám.'. This bus stop is at the square with a church.
Direct buses from Depo Hostivař to Ondřejov on Sunday
383 383 383 393
Depo Hostivař 11:30 15:30 18:40 19:45
Ondřejov nám. 12:29 16:29 19:39 20:51
Last connection with change in Mukařov. When changing be sure that you enter the bus number 393 and not 382.
387 393
Depo Hostivař 23:00
Mukařov 23:31 23:32
Ondřejov nám. 00:02
As an alternative, you may use the train from Praha hlavní nádraží to Strančice and then bus No. 490. Also get off at 'Ondřejov, nám.'. Due to railtrack and Prague main station reconstruction the latter option can be recommended only to experienced travellers. Others should use the buses from "Depo Hostivař".
Sunday timetable Praha - Strančice - Ondřejov
train train endstation Strančice Benešov Strančice České Budějovice Benešov Strančice České Budějovice Benešov Strančice České Budějovice Benešov Benešov Benešov Benešov Benešov Benešov Benešov
fast train fast train fast train
Praha hlavní nádraží 13:45 14:15 14:45 15:11 15:15 15:45 16:11 16:15 16:45 17:11 17:15 18:15 19:15 20:15 21:15 22:15 23:15
Strančice 14:20 14:51 15:20 15:30 15:51 16:20 16:30 16:51 17:20 17:30 17:51 18:51 19:51 20:51 21:51 22:51 23:51
bus 490 Strančice 14:00 17:00
Ondřejov nám. 14:23 17:23

All timetables are available online here. There is also a switch to English or German.


City transport in Prague (metro, trams, buses) use the same system of tickets like buses to Ondrejov (383, 393, 490) and these tickets are also valid in a train between Praha and Strančice. Basic price of the ticket in Prague is 26 Kč (CZK).
Most convenient way:
Buy a ticket for 44 Kč in a ticket machine (no other possibility and ticket machines accept only coins). Machines are also at the bus stop at the airport. Stamp the ticket (important!) in a yellow machine in a bus, tram, at the entrance to the underground or somewhere at the train station (you can not stamp it in a train).
Less convenient way:
If you fail to find a ticket for 44 Kč, use the standard ticket for 26 Kč. You can also buy this ticket at the bus driver, but for 30 Kč. After you enter the bus 383 or 393, show this ticket to the driver, say "Ondřejov" (or better write it on a paper and show it to the driver - Czech pronounciation is sometimes tricky) and you will pay for the rest of the trip, which may be 20 or 32 Kč depending how the driver understands you.


Use taxi only on your risk. Reputation of taxi drivers serving the airport is not good and some of them try to ask for more than the price should be. But you may be lucky.

How to reach Ondřejov by car: Ondřejov is very close to the highway D1, exit 21 (Mirošovice) or exit 29 (Hvězdonice).

How to reach Prague:

By air: You may use the Prague airport ( with the regular connection from many airports abroad. Public connection to Prague center is by regular buses 119 and 100, which connect the airport with Prague underground.

By train: International trains arrive at stations Praha-Holešovice or Praha hlavní nádraží, both located on the "C" line of the Prague underground.

By bus: International buses arrive usually at the central bus station Praha-Florenc, located also at the "C" line of the Prague underground.

If you provide us with details of your arrival, we may help you with finding the most convenient connection.


In the case you need an invitation letter to obtain Czech visa, do not hesitate to contact us.
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