2000 QW7

Orbit, abs. magnitude:

Amor, q = 1.035 AU, a = 1.948 AU, i = 4.2 deg, H = 19.9 (MPEC 2000-R01)


We observed this Potentially Hazardous Asteroid during nearly 4 hours on 2000 August 31-September 1. Figure below shows its lightcurve that was corrected for effects of changing geocentric and heliocentric distances and solar phase angle (assuming G=0.15); i.e., only rotational variation remains there. The lightcurve showed only a minor increase by 0.04 mag during the observational interval that is only marginally significant, as systematic errors could be about 0.02 mag. It indicates that either the asteroid has a long period, or small amplitude, or both. Further observations are planned to reveal it.

Fig.: Lightcurve

Constant level line is plotted for comparison. 2000 QW7 lighcturve

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