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Pavel Ambroz

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RNDr. Pavel Ambroz CSc. (*1941)
Research fields: Large-scale and global properties of solar magnetic and velocity fields, structure of patterns, kinetic energy distribution, solar differential rotation and meridional circulation. Dynamical properties of the solar convection zone and of the solar atmosphere. Structure of the solar corona, models of the solar magnetic field structure and time variations. Stationary models of the solar corona and coronal radiation related to the observed brightness distribution.

1958-1963 - study of physics, graduated from the Natural Sciences Faculty of the J.E. Purkyne University, Brno.
Since 1964 in the Astronomical Institute.
1972 - PhD in astrophysics.
1981 - graduated in astronomy from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University, Prague.
1977-1990 - Deputy Head and Head of the Solar Department.
Since 1985 external lecturer on Solar Physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

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