Gravity field models from GPS tracking (up to degree 120)

The presented geopotential solutions were obtained by inversion of precise GPS positions, the computational method is described in the reference below. For experienced users, on this page it is possible to download our long-term solutions up to degree 120, and also their corresponding full covariance matrices. We emphasize that the high degree/order geopotential coefficients have large correlations among themselves, they were included in the fit in order to reduce the truncation error and there is not enough information in the observations for them to be clearly separated (see Section 3.7 of the paper).

In Table 1, we provide long-term static solutions for individual satellites based on the kinematic positions spanning seven years (2003–2009). The harmonic coefficients are in the ICGEM format. The solutions are accompanied by their full covariance matrices (CM), their format is specified in this document: readme_asu_covariance_matrices_nmax120.txt.

In Table 2 there are static solutions obtained in the years 2003–2009, which combined yielded the solutions in Table 1.

These data are free for scientific use, please cite this reference:

Table 1. Static long-term gravity field models (up to degree 120)
Solution asu-ch-0309.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-0309.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-0309.gfc (1 MB)
CM: Part I (389 MB) (389 MB) (389 MB)
CM: Part II (472 MB) (472 MB) (472 MB)
CM: Part III (354 MB) (354 MB) (354 MB)

Table 2. Static yearly gravity field models (up to degree 120)
2003 asu-ch-03.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-03.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-03.gfc (1 MB)
2004 asu-ch-04.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-04.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-04.gfc (1 MB)
2005 asu-ch-05.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-05.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-05.gfc (1 MB)
2006 asu-ch-06.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-06.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-06.gfc (1 MB)
2007 asu-ch-07.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-07.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-07.gfc (1 MB)
2008 asu-ch-08.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-08.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-08.gfc (1 MB)
2009 asu-ch-09.gfc (1 MB)asu-ga-09.gfc (1 MB)asu-gb-09.gfc (1 MB)
all years (2 MB) (2 MB) (2 MB)

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