Binaries in the Solar System 4

21-23 June 2016
Prague, Czech Republic

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3. Accommodation

The primary conference hotel is the venue Vila Lanna. They have 24 rooms: 13 one-bed, 2 two-bed and 9 double-bed rooms. Our special rate is 910 CZK/night and 1400 CZK/night for the one- and two/double-bed rooms, respectively. Breakfast is included. They have 10 car parking places (for 150 CZK/night each). I (Petr Pravec) will do a block booking for all guests in Vila Lanna, following the preferences that you express below. You will pay for your room by credit card at check-out.

There are three suitable overflow hotels close to Vila Lanna: Penzion Na Stare Poste, Penzion Marna and PARKHOTEL Praha. They are about 200, about 800 and about 2200 meters, respectively, from Vila Lanna. Penzion Na Stare Poste lists following prices: 65 and 79 EUR/night for 2- and 3-bed room, respectively. Penzion Marna offers 4 double-bed rooms, 2 large double-bed suites, and 1 smaller double-bed suite for 1550, 1950 and 1750 CZK/night, respectively. PARKHOTEL Praha offers us following prices: 1800 and 2000 CZK/night for 1- and 2-bed rooms, respectively. Breakfast is included and car parking is available in all three hotels.

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The participation fee is 5400 CZK (approx. 200 EUR, or 225 USD).

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We consider waiving the participation fee to a limited number of students (depending on available funds).

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5. Accompanying persons

We do not prepare any special program for accompanying persons, but they will be welcome to participate on the tour and the field trip. They will be also welcome to come to the reception on June 20, to the banquet on June 21 and to the dinner on June 22. The cost of 650 CZK per accompanying person per each of the evening events would be paid in cash at the workshop, but we will need to know their number in advance (please email to not later than a few days before the workshop) to order the right number of meals.

Please specify here for our information if you plan to take some accompanying person(s) with you.

Accompanying persons: 

6. Tour and Field Trip

We will prepare the tour and the field trip later on. For now please just express your potential interest to participate in them.

I am/we are potentially interested in attending the tour of "Astronomical Prague".
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I am/we are potentially interested in attending the trip to the Ries and Steinheim impact craters.
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