Didymos Observer Workshop Prague 2018

June 19-21, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Didymos Prague 2018: List of abstracts

I. Carnelli, M. Kueppers, Hera Team

The European Contribution to the Asteroid Impact And Deflection Assessment mission: Hera

M. A. Galiazzo, C. Moni Bidin, F. Mauro

Photometry of 2002 GZ32 and 2012 DR30

Colin Snodgrass

Planning for 2022: lessons learned from the Rosetta 67P observing campaign

C. A. Thomas, A. S. Rivkin, the Observing Working Group

Future Didymos Observing Strategy

A. S. Rivkin, C. A. Thomas, The Dart Investigation Team

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test: Summary and Preliminary Observing Plans

S. P. Naidu, L. A. M. Benner, M. Brozovic, S. J. Ostro, M. C. Nolan, J. L. Margot, J. D. Giorgini, C. Magri, P. Pravec, P. Scheirich, D. J. Scheeres, M. Hirabayashi

Ground-Based Radar Observations of 65803 Didymos

Petr Pravec, Petr Scheirich, Didymos observer team

Photometric observations of Didymos in 2003--2017, and outlook for observations in 2019 and beyond

Petr Scheirich, Petr Pravec

Determination of the orbit of Didymoon from past and future photometric observations

M. Husarik, O. V. Ivanova

Recent observations of 3200 Phaethon and 1981 Midas

Patrick A. Taylor, the Planetary Radar Community

Status and Future of Arecibo Observatory

Nicholas Moskovitz

NEO Lightcurves from the Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS)

R. Jehn, D. Koschny, U. Kugel, G. Sessler, L. Cibin

Status and Predicted Performance of ESA’s Flyeye Telescope

T. Kohout, A. Näsilä, T. Tikka, M. Granvik, A. Kestilä, A. Pentillä, J. Kuhno, K. Muinonen, K. Viherkanto, E. Kallio

Asteroid Spectral Imaging Mission (ASPECT) CubeSat to characterize asteroid surfaces

Mirel Birlan, Adrian Sonka, Andreea Gornea, Simon Anghel, Alin Nedelcu, Francois Colas, Pierre Vernazza

Surveillance and opportunities for observing Near-Earth Objects.

B. Rozitis, E. C. Brown, S. F. Green, S. C. Lowry, A. Fitzsimmons, A. Rozek, C. Snodgrass, P. Weissman, T. Zegmott

Thermal inertia of binary near-Earth asteroids

S. F. Green, C. Snodgrass, B. Rozitis

Potential for thermal IR detection of dust plume from DART impact on Didymos

Joanna Thomas-Osip

Lessons learned from Gemini observations of Didymos mutual events in 2017

T. Lister, J. Chatelain, E. Gomez

NEOexchange: A Target and Observation Manager For NEO Follow-up and Characterization

A. Rozek, S. C. Lowry, B. Rozitis, T. Zegmott, S. F. Green, C. Snodgrass, A. Fitzsimmons, P. R. Weissman, E. C. Brown

The Thermal Response of Asteroid Surfaces: Results from ESO Large Programme

P. Foglia Manzillo, L. Babić, M. Esposito

TIRI: a multi-purpose Thermal InfraRed payload for asteroid observation

Paul Abell, The Hayabusa2 Team

The Hayabusa2 Sample Return Mission and its Small Carry-on Impactor Experiment