This page contains information about courses Cosmology and exobiology read in the fall semester 1999 and Cosmology and particle physics read in the fall semester 2001 at the Physics Institute of NTNU, Trondheim. The part on cosmology is read on lower mathematical level accessible not only to students of physics. A brief preliminary version of the lecture notes can be found in Czech version.

Individual lectures can be found in this list:
General principles (4.10.99, example)
Relativistic cosmology (8.11.01)
Newtonian cosmology (8.11.01)
Dynamics of the Universe (8.11.01)
Observational cosmology (13.11.01)
Cosmic background radiation (13.11.01)
Evolution of inhomogeneities (13.11.01)
Nucleosynthesis (13.11.01)

The part on general astrophysics was read by E. Oestgaard and the part on exobiology by K. Oestgaard in 1999. The other parts of the course were read by Bo-Sture Skagerstam and Souriraja Ramadurai in 2001.

A deeper understanding of the cosmology requires the knowledge of general relativity, which can be found e.g. in Lecture notes on general relativity written for the course read in NTNU in 1997.
Concerning the part on exobiology, one may find interesting The Astrobiology Web.
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