Kepler’s Heritage in the Space Age.
400th Anniversary of Astronomia nova

Edd. Alena Hadravová, Terence J. Mahoney, Petr Hadrava

Acta historiae rerum naturalium necnon technicarum, New Series, Vol. 10.

Prague, National Technical Museum 2010.

186 pp. + CD-ROM

ISBN 978-80-7037-193-0




J. Grygar: Kepler's Heritage in the International Year of Astronomy 2009

Kepler’s Astronomia nova:

J. V. Field: Kepler’s Place in the History of Science

A. E. L. Davis: Kepler’s Astronomia nova: a Geometrical Success Story

Sigurd Tønnessen: Kepler’s Analysis of the Dynamics of Planetary Motion

Hiroshi Ozaki – Hiroshi Fukuda – Toshiaki Fujiwara: Kepler’s Second Law in the Three-Body Problem

Jason Ross: Teaching the Astronomia nova: Computer Animations and Pedagogical Techniques

Kepler’s Mathematics:

Gerhard Betsch: Mathematical Subjects in the Correspondence of Kepler, Mästlin, and Wilhelm Schickard

Štefan Porubský: Prosthaphaeresis – a Forgotten Algorithm

Kepler and Prague:

Antonín Švejda: Kepler’s Four Residences in Prague

Olga Kotková: Portrait of a Man, possibly Johannes Kepler

Kepler’s Contemporaries:

Ernst-Reinhold Mewes: How to Perceive the Precession of the Earth’s Axis by Means of Brahe’s Star Catalogue – Hipparchos’ Method Applied to Celestial Globes in Kepler’s Era

Michael Rosa: How Really Precise and Accurate are Tycho Brahe’s Data?

Josef Smolka: Tycho Brahe and Thaddaeus Hagecius in their Lettres II

Igor Janovský: Tycho Brahe’s Death: Facts and Speculations

Tomáš Nejeschleba: The Relationship between Johannes Jessenius and Johannes Kepler

Alena Hadravová – Petr Hadrava: Kepler’s Conversation with Galilei

Kepler’s Heritage:

Rostislav Rajchl: Astronomy in the Literary Works of Johannes Amos Comenius

Suzanne Débarbat: Kepler’s Legacy among French Astronomers from 1609 to the Space Age

John McFarland: Let Us Share Johannes Kepler with the World

Mario Sergio Freitas – Marcos A. Florczak: An Amateur Observation of a Satellite as a Motivation to Learning Kepler’s Third Law and Universal Gravitation

Terence J. Mahoney: The Creation of a New Astronomical Union Working Group Dedicated to Johannes Kepler


Index personarum

Attached CD-ROM contains:

  1. Kepler animations: short animations belong to the articles of H. Ozaki and J. Ross

  2. Mathematici Caesarei Dissertatio: the scan version of the Kepler’s book Dissertatio cum Nuncio sidereo

  3. Astronomia nova aitiologetos: the scan version of the Kepler’s book Astronomia nova (Heidelberg 1609)

  4. Kepler book: the PDF version of the book Kepler’s Heritage in the Space Age.

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