Hinode-15 / IRIS-12 meeting - General Terms and Conditions

Please read below the General Terms and Conditions which make a legal base for payment for the Hinode-15/IRIS-12 meeting that takes place in Prague, September 19-23 (hereafter: Conference).

By clicking on the "I have perused, understood and accept" the General Terms and Conditions button, you state that you accept the contractual conditions.

  1. A contract is concluded between the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Astronomický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i.; VAT no. CZ67985815; hereafter: Organizer) and a person that is paying the registration fee to attend the Conference (hereafter: Participant).
  2. The contract between the Organizer and the Participant enters into force on voluntary payment of the registration fee on the conference website https://www.asu.cas.cz/~hinode/, and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions during the payment. The contract is considered as an electronic written contract. The website sends a confirmation after the payment to the Participant. The confirmation is recorded and stored in the website system. Language of the contract is English for all Participants.
  3. The Organizer delivers a service to Participants that includes an access to the conference venue, catering at the conference venue, a conference package, a welcome reception, a conference dinner, and an organized tour (hereafter: Service).
  4. Participants pay a registration fee to take part in the conference, unless the fee is waived by the Organizer. The registration fee is posted on the congress website. Registration fee covers the cost of the Service. All other costs, including international and local transportation, as well as accommodation, catering outside the conference venue and other personal expenses, should be covered by Participants on their own.
  5. The Organizer may use subcontractors for delivering the Service or its parts. The Service may be inclusive of mediated services.
  6. The deadlines of the registration and of the conference fee payments are provided on the conference website. The registration is considered to be valid, and this contract inures only after the successful payment of the registration fee. Participants should pay the registration fee using an online payment service. Participants receive a receipt of payment . After the conference and on Participant's request, the Organizer will make out an electronic final bill from the conference, which may include mediated services.
  7. The Organizer takes responsibility for the organization of the Conference, to provide the circumstances and services in time and conduct the event.
  8. The Organizer does not take financial responsibility for any stoppage, missing service, program canceling or other operational problems caused by insufficient fulfillment of a third party, including venue rental, technical or board problems.
  9. The Organizer does not take responsibility for any accidents, personal injuries, illnesses, food allergy diseasednesses or any other medical problems during the congress. We strongly recommend to effect an insurance covering medical treatment costs. The Organizer also does not provide any financial compensation for medical or financial injuries, or any organization or management problems occurring during the contest caused by a Participant or an external party.
  10. The Organizer does not does not take responsibility for any personal properties and goods at the congress venue. Participants must take care of their own goods. We recommend to effect an insurance covering properties and goods.
  11. Participants are entitled to cancel or terminate the contract freely. Cancellations made before August 21, 2022, are eligible for 100% refund. Cancellations made before August 31, 2022, are eligible for 50% refund. Cancellations made in September 2022 are not eligible for refund. In case of refund, the transfer fees and losses due to changes of exchange rates are paid by the Participants.
  12. The contract concluded between the Organizer and the Participant as per the above comes into being for a definite period of time, up to the point of delivering the Service (i.e. until the end of the Conference). Contracting parties may amend the contract by mutual consent in writing (e-mail and its confirmation) at any time.
  13. The Organizer may terminate the contract if a Participant does not honor their contractual obligations even after notice and setting of the deadlines or if they seriously breach an important condition of the contract.
  14. Matters not regulated in the Contract shall be governed by Czech law, primarily by the Civil Code and other Czech legal regulations in effect.

Payment management

Conference fee and other payments are processed by:

Astronomický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i.
Fričova 298
251 65 Ondřejov
Czech Republic
VAT: CZ67985815
tel: +420 323 620 111
email: info@asu.cas.cz