"Prepublished" periods of asteroids

The file below is a summary of periods and amplitudes determined from data obtained within the Ondrejov NEO Photometric Program and collaborating projects at other stations. The program ALC was used to analyse the data.

In the file, a result from one analysis lies in one record line. (For a particular asteroid, there can be more than one line if it makes sense to do more than just one analysis.) Each element is separated from its neighbours by a fixed space char. The elements are as follows:

AsterId (a string 29 char long, 29s).
Period, measured synodic (15.*f, given only to significant decimal digits, so error should be always in the last digit given). Sometimes it is a lower limit - check Remark.
Error (1-sigma) of the period (14.*f, given only to the first non-zero digit)
Delta P syn-sid - an estimate of the "mean" synodic-sidereal difference computed using the PAB approximation (14.*f, given to the same number of decimal digits as the Period and its Error)
Amplitude, fitted (4.2f, can be edited to 5.3f if the analyser feels there is some significance in the 3rd decimal digit)
U value (1d)
r - "*" indicates that there is a remark to the end of the line (1s)
DateUT of the first and the last LCs (12s_12s)
Solar Phases of the first and the last LCs (5.1f_5.1f)
LPAB and BPAB of the first and the last LCs, in eq. J2000 ([5.1f_5.1f,5.1f_5.1f])
Magnitude System indicator (2s)
Absolute Magnitude and its error (5.2f 4.2f)
G value and its error or assumed range (5.2f 4.2f)
ProjectId string (20s)
a/m indicator - there is "man" written there if some
key values have been edited by the analyser for exporting rather than computed by the programme itself (3s)
Date of the export (10s)
Signature of the analyser (20s)
Remark - string of any length (s)

After each record line, I put one empty line, with an idea that it can be used in future.

The summary file is here.

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