Solar radio & related science in the Czech Republic

Active researchers: Alphabetical list & research profiles

Miroslav Bárta
Numerical MHD modeling of solar flares and prominences (solar-flare reconnection, current-sheet dynamics, energy cascades in magnetic reconnection, MHS equilibria in prominences), multi-scale modeling of space-plasma processes. Solar radiophysics (plasma wave dynamics, micro-instabilities, radio emission theory, interpretation of radio bursts). ALMA: Solar research with ALMA, development of Solar ALMA Observing Mode, general ALMA user's community support (CSS, QA2, Helpdesk).
Arkadiusz Berlicki
Solar atmosphere and active events: flares, prominences, Ellerman bombs, chromospheric structures; NLTE modeling of the solar atmosphere in flares, prominences and other chromospheric structures. Solar research with ALMA, general ALMA user's community support (CSS, QA2, Helpdesk).
Elena Dzifčáková
Physics of the solar corona, ionization and excitation equilibrium in the solar corona for the non-thermal electron distributions. Solar flares and analysis of their magnetic topology. Spectroscopic diagnostics, computations of magnetic fields in solar corona from photospheric measurements, coronal emission modeling.
Petr Heinzel
Active events in the solar atmosphere. Non-LTE radiative transfer: multi-level problems, partial frequency redistribution, 2D-transfer. Structure and dynamics of the chromosphere and flares, physics of isolated plasma structures. Time-dependent non-LTE problems in radiation hydrodynamics, energy balance, heating mechanisms. Spectral diagnostics and analysis with semi-empirical models. Solar research with ALMA.
Karel Jiřička
Solar radio flares, instrumentation for radio astronomy (low-noise receivers, data acquisition systems, etc), analysis, processing, and archiving of radioastronomical data.
Marian Karlický
Evolution of solar flare loops, magnetic field reconnection, hard X-ray emission, polarization of optical chromospheric lines. Solar radio bursts on metric to microwave wavelengths. Langmuir waves in plasma, tearing and coalescence processes in flare current sheets, solutions of Zakharov equations, particle beams, return currents. Numerical modeling with particle, hybrid and MHD codes. Solar research with ALMA.
Jana Kašparová
Solar flares: non-LTE radiative transfer, analysis of optical and hard X-ray spectra
Pavel Kotrč
Solar atmosphere, flares, surges, prominences, coronal loops, spectral observation and analysis, diagnostics of solar activity phenomena, solar corona, eclipses of the Sun, instrumentation.
Jiří Krejcar
Instrumentation for radio astronomy - engineering, technical maintenance; analysis, processing, and archiving of radioastronomical data.
Wenjuan Liu
Solar research with ALMA, general ALMA user's community support (CSS, QA2, Helpdesk).
Hana Meszárosová
Solar flares, radio radiation, data analysis, statistical methods. Impulsively generated magneto-acoustic waves in the solar coronal loops and analysis of radio and X-rays data.
Michal Varady
Solar flares and coronal loops: Numerical modelling of their hydrodynamics, electromagnetic emission, transfer and dissipation of energy of high energy particle beams in solar atmosphere, modelling of solar flares combined with radiative transfer. EUV and soft X-ray observations and diagnostics of high energy particle beams.

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