For solar radio observations we presently use 3 dedicated instruments:

      RT3 - single frequency 3.00 GHz   (10 ms time resolution)
      RT4 - spectrograph 2.0-5.0 GHz (2.0-4.5 until 2009)   (10 ms time resolution, 256 frequency channels)
      RT5 - spectrograph 0.8-2.0 GHz   (10 ms time resolution, 256 frequency channels)

The observations are run daily while the sun is higher than 5 degrees above the horizon. Only chosen time intervals with radio events are archived. In the Event Archive Info page you can find information about the archived data (date, time interval) as well as overall images of archived events in GIF format.

The rough data can be processed only by special programs and are not free. But if you should be interested in particular events from our archive, contact us, please, via the e-mail address radio@asu.cas.cz

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