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Rostislav Stork

Organization: Astronomical Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences
Address: Fricova 298, CZ-25165 Ondrejov, Czech Republic
Fax: +420-32-3620 263
Phone: +420-32-3620 315, +420-32-3620 258
Mobile: +420-606-721832
Skype: RostaStork
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Curriculum Vitae

1993 MSc. Charles University Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
1999 Ph.D. Charles University Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
since September 1994 in Astronomical Institute (part time job)
since September 1996 full time job in Astronomical Institute
1997 military service

My talks, papers and other texts (moje prednasky a publikace, nektere cesky) 

My newspaper articles (in Czech) - me novinove clanky (ISO-8859-2)


TV Meteor Spectra

Information about TV Meteor Spectra programme in Ondrejov can be found here.

Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake with meteor

A faint meteor flying across the field of view was recorded during observation of Comet Hyakutake on March 25, 1996 18:57 UT. You may download images with a step 0.04 s or/and animation in .avi and .flc format (a simple DOS player is included).

Leonids 2001 - radar observations from Ondrejov

Leonids 1999 - radar observations from Ondrejov

"Linearids" 1999 - radar observations from Ondrejov


I was the webmaster of JENAM'98. (The official page was removed from server, so I placed it into my directory.)

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