General Relativity

This homepage contains lecture notes on the course of general relativity FX2/H97 read in the fall semester 1997 at the Physics Institute of NTNU, Trondheim. Some parts were added later. It is still under construction (see the dates of last revision of each chapter). Some viewers do not allow to see the PS-files on the screen. However, you can download it (using the 'save'-command) and print it on a PostScript printer.

Introduction (9.9.97)
Special relativity (15.10.97)
Basic concepts of general relativity (14.4.00)
Spherically symmetric spacetimes (19.11.97)
Differential geometry (23.10.97)
Variational principles (23.10.97)
References (3.2.97)

A Belorussian translation of the text is available here.
A supplementary text on lower level can be found in lecture notes on cosmology which was read in the fall semester 1999 as a part of another course. To get more information contact, please, the author.

Readers may find interesting also other web-pages on general relativity referred at Syracuse University list .

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