Petr Hadrava

Research interests and selected publications:

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DSc. Thesis

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Course Physics of cosmic plasma (lecture notes) at Institute of Theoretical Physics, Charles University, Prague, part of course Selected chapters from astrophysics at Astronomical Institute of Charles University, Prague.
Courses General relativity, Stellar atmospheres and parts of White dwarfs, Cosmology and exobiology, Roche model, Neutron stars, Physics of stars, Compact stars and Cosmology and particle physics at Inst. of Physics, NTNU, Trondheim
Member of boards of PhD-studies at Charles University and Masaryk University.


International Astronomical Union
European Astronomical Society
Czech Astronomical Society


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Petr Hadrava,
Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,
251 65 Ondrejov,
Czech Republic
(Prague branch: Bocni II 1401, CZ 141 31 Praha 4)
e-mail: had(at),
tlf.: +420 - 267 103 348);
fax: +420 - 272 769 023.
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