Local Meetings

This website contains information about local conferences / workshops / summer schools / meetings connected with ALMA project.

Meeting of the ESO – ALMA ARC Node at Ondřejov, September 24, 2010


  1. Report about activities in the Czech ARC Node (Marian Karlický).
  2. What is CASA (Bartosz Dabrowski)?
  3. Information about CASA and AOT official ESO tests (Mira Bárta).
  4. Present status of Czech ARC Node, future plans, problems and questions (Marian Karlický).
  5. Discussions.

Report about activities in the Czech ARC Node (Marian Karlický)

List of our activities starting from January 2010:

  1. Web pages of the Czech ARC Node (B. Dabrowski, P. Sobotka, M. Karlický).
  2. Letters informing main astronomical Institutes and Universities in Europe about a building of new Czech ARC Node (M. Karlický, D. Pivová, B. Dabrowski).
  3. Paper about ALMA project in the journal Vesmír (M. Karlický, M. Bárta, P. Jáchym, J. Palouš, P. Heinzel, Š. Urban).
  4. Lectures about ALMA at AI of Charles University, Prague, at Plzeň Technical University, and at AI Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia (M. Karlický).
  5. First PC dedicated to ALMA (J. Polach, B. Dabrowski).
  6. Control visit of Dr. P. Andreani from ESO at our Node.
  7. Presentation about Czech ARC Node and solar research at CESRA Conference, Belgium (M. Karlický, M. Bárta, B. Dabrowski).
  8. Workshop in Cologne (M. Kraus).
  9. Participation in several official tests of CASA and AOT software (M. Bárta, B. Dabrowski).
  10. Every month participation in ESO-ALMA teleconferences (M. Karlický, M. Bárta, B. Dabrowski). Next teleconference (October 4, 2010) will be directed from Ondřejov.
  11. Presentation about ALMA at IAU274 Symposium Sicily, Italy (M. Karlický).
  12. Translations of Wikipedia ALMA web pages to Czech and Polish languages (P. Sobotka, B. Dabrowski).
  13. Contribution to the ALMA User Guide (M. Karlický, M. Bárta).
  14. Participation in ALMA school at Manchester (B. Dabrowski).
  15. Search for solar data, which will be used in CASA tests (L. Humphreys, T. Bastian, M. Loukitcheva, M. Bárta, M. Karlický).
  16. First CASA tests using solar radio data (M. Bárta, B. Dabrowski).
  17. First preliminary proposal for ALMA observation (J. Koza and our solar team). First call for observing proposal probably in December 1, 2010, deadline in February 1, 2011.
  18. The paper titled "Solar research with ALMA" (M. Karlický, M. Bárta, B. Dabrowski, P. Heinzel) accepted for publication in Solar Physics journal.