Node Activities

Our expertise and planned activities

  1. Solar radio spectroscopy & MHD and radiative-transfer numerical simulations
    • solar radio spectroscopy
    • non-LTE radiative transfer
    • physics of solar prominences and filaments
    • plasma astrophysics
  2. Dense regions in galaxies
    • galaxy evolution in clusters and groups
    • triggered star formation in local and distant Universe
    • protoplanetary disks
    • galactic center and AGN's
  3. Software development and parallel data processing
    • user software testing and development
  4. Laboratory microwave molecular spectroscopy
    • molecular spectral lines databates
    • laboratory of high resolution microwave spectroscopy of small molecules
    • spectroscopy of unstable transient molecular species
    • theoretical detailed analyses of molecular energies
    • transition moment measurements
  5. Massive stars and late evolutionary phases
    • clumping in stellar winds
    • thermal and non-thermal radio emission from stellar winds of massive stars
    • molecule and dust formation in dense non-spherically symmetric winds and outflows

User support