Before the arrival on the ALMA Winter School, please do the following things:

(i) Observing Tool: practical exercises

1. Enter the ALMA Science Portal at ESO and register.

2. Install the ALMA Observing Tool.

(ii) CASA: practical exercises

1. Please download the following files before you come to the tutorial:
M100line-orig.mask.tgz (165 kB)
m100-tutorial-msdata.tgz (18 GB)

2. You will need a reasonably powerful laptop (Linux or Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7) with at least 80 GB empty disk space (before downloading the above data).

3. You should install CASA on that laptop before the workshop. Please see the CASA download page for how to do that.

4. We recommend to read the CASA User Reference & Cookbook.

5. Go through at least one of the ALMA Guides for CASA.

6. We recommend to read the paper by D. Petry: Analysing ALMA Data with CASA, 2012.