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  • News
    • Last published paper

    • (27. 6. 2006) June 12th to July 10th visiting solar group of Stanford University. Pictures obtained during my trips in the vicinity will be added in a special page.
    • (5. 4. 2006) Fotogallery of the total solar eclipse expedition in Turkey. The significant selection of the original count over 700 pictures has been made.
    • (17. 3. 2006) Speech about an incoming solar eclipse, Štefánik Observatory in Prague, PDF without movies (2,3 MB)
    • (1. 3. 2006) Speech about the physics of stars and the Sun, Gymnázium Pardubice, Dačická. PDF without movies (970 kB)
    • (27. 12. 2005) Although this information comes out after the Christmas, I did pass on December 14th the big bogeyman of the Ph.D. study -- the doctoral state exam. Formally I could ask for a new set of letter in front of my name (RNDr. -- Dr. rer. nat. equivalent), but I don't want to. I will rather wait for a set of letter behind the name.
    • (31. 8. 2005) Things that I take to to SPM11 in Leuven with: Proceeding contribution, poster, hand-out.
    • (4. 8. 2005) Speech about the observation of the solar photosphere held in Astronomy camp in Úpice. PDF (2,6 MB, in czech)
    • (24.6.2005) Photographs from the visit of unused highway brigdes in Želivka reservoir.
    • (3.2.2005) Two more papers accepted for publication. First one and second one.
    • (27.1.2005) New schedule of my guiding hours on the Štefánik's observatory.
    • (23.1.2005) Today was possible to seen really nice snow flakes. Really impressive stereometric sensation.
    • (29.11.2004) Photos from my graduate ceremony.
    • (15.11.2004) Gallery of photos of the ESMN school in Tatranská Lomnica.
    • (15.9.2004) Gallery of vacation.
    • (1.8.2004) Gallery of Ruzyně airport, especially because of Boeing 747-400.
    • (21.7.2004) Gallery of my trips.
    • (20.7.2004) My CV.
    • (8.7.2004) Since today I am staying in Ondřejov. I have much work to do.
    • (24.6.2004) I had luck. :-) Today I passed the entrance exam for a Ph.D. study, that means that I don't need to find a job.
    • (3.6.2004) My final exams at the University are done (since yesterday). I had serious problems during them because of my nerves and yesterday in the evening and today in the morning because of something else :-)
    • (21.5.2004) My diploma thesis was defended ... And I collected list of my publication.
    • (21.11.2003) Photos of a giant aurora seen yesterday. IT WAS SO COOL!.
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