Astronomický ústav AV ČR   Ondřejov

Fričova 298
251 65 Ondřejov
Czech Republic

Tel. +420 323649201
Fax: +420 323620 110, 117

Academy of Sciences
of the Czech Republic



The scientific research conducted at the Astronomical institute covers a wide range of topics. We processes and objects from the immediate environs of the Earth to distant galaxies and black holes. The research activities are carried out in four scientific departments:

Solar physics department

Solar physics department studies various solar activity phenomena,
particularly solar flares.

Stellar physics department

Stellar physics department studies galactic and extragalactic objects in visible, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma spectral range.

Interplanetary matter department

Interplanetary matter department studies small meteoritic bodies and their interactions with the Earth's atmosphere.

Galaxies and planetary systems department

Galaxies and planetary systems department studies orbital and rotational dynamics of the natural bodies of the solar system, and investigating structure and evolution of galaxies.