Open positions

Product assurance / Quality assurance specialist for space projects


 Main responsibilities/assignments

  • Provide Product Assurance / Quality assurance support for the space projects where ASU is involved in (LISA, ATHENA and others)
  • Participate in PA/QA plan preparation
  • Prepare, maintain and review technical documentation related to product assurance aspects of the project
  • Participate in project and supplier milestone reviews, reviewing and preparation of datapacks, supporting the team during reviews
  • Supporting the project team in management of non-conformances, metrology, traceability, etc.
  • Perform or manage inspections at the supplier site and review the documentation.
  • Facilitate approvals of supplier materials, parts and processes
  • Perform or manage Incoming/Outcoming Inspections, Integration and test campaigns.
  • Participation in technical projects meetings
  • Skills/competences


  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or relevant discipline.
  • Interest in processes, quality, problem solving and improvement.
  • Able to work in interdisciplinary and distributed teams.
  • Self-starter, able to work independently.
  • Ability to plan, schedule, coordinate and solve problems effectively.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • English (oral and written)


  • Previous experience with ESA projects and ECSS standards.
  • Previous experience in product assurance with emphasis on the space segment.
  • Any experience with agile methods.


  • Prague, Czech Republic

We offer

  • The opportunity to participate in unique scientific projects for the European Space Agency and other space agencies.
  • Full Time Contract
  • Endless reasons for professional growth and collaboration with leading scientific institutions in the Czech Republic
  • A wide range of company benefits (eg: flexible working hours, meal vouchers, 5 weeks holiday, Sick Days and much more)

Who we are?

The Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a professional research institution with focus on a wide range of research topics; from the immediate environments of the Earth to distant galaxies and black holes in their cores. Main areas of research activities include physical processes in the Sun, especially in solar flares, physical processes in stars, interaction of the interplanetary matter with the Earth atmosphere, asteroids and comets,dynamics of the Solar System bodies, formation and evolution of galaxies, and relativisticastrophysics. We have been involved in several space projects of the European Space
Agency (Solar Orbiter, JUICE, ATHENA, LISA), managing not only scientific activities but also instrumentation development. A group of specialized technicians work in the institute who are developing electronic components, but we have wide collaboration with other institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences as well as industrial companies.

Our main projects

LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) - working on a Fiber Switch Unit mechanism, a mission critical mechanism switching the primary and redundant beam which is used for actual gravitational wave detection.

ATHENA (Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astronomy) - working on electronics for the two scientific instruments, one (X-ray Integral Field Unit) being the most complex scientific detector ever been developed for space research


Contact email: jiri.svoboda@asu.cas.cz
Subject: PAQA engineer
Application deadline: 27 th May 2022