Open positions

The Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ASU) advertises a call for post-doc positions with the expected start in mid 2024.


ASU is a public research institution and the largest professional astronomical organization in the Czech Republic, located at Ondrejov observatory and in Prague. Successful applicants will collaborate with researchers in our scientific departments (theory, observation, and data analysis are all welcome). The Institute is involved in space programs of ESA and ground-based projects within ESO as well as its own observational projects. Experience in one of the subjects studied at ASU is valued but interesting independent new projects will be also considered.

The appointment is initially for one year; an extension for another year is expected upon satisfactory scientific performance. A necessary condition is to satisfy legal requirements for employment in the Czech Republic (EU member state). Salary will be based on the domestic level (cca 1450 EUR/month before taxes) and it includes health insurance. There is a possibility of institute accommodation in Ondrejov; in Prague private accommodation has to be arranged. The starting date of employment is expected to be 1st July 2024 and is slightly negotiable.

In a cover letter please indicate the working group that you intend to join and provide the exact date of PhD defense. Applicants should contact an Institute researcher with whom they wish to work for further information, to define a joint research programme and to discuss the starting date. This is considered to be an important part of the proposal.

Applications shall contain: Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, List of Publications, Summary of Research Plans). Submit the application by email to: info @ asu.cas.cz, with subject “POSTDOC 2024", attach a single PDF that will include all required parts. 

Applications can be submitted before finishing PhD, in which case a statement from the supervisor stating the planned date of the defense should be included. Successful candidates must hold PhD degree in the field and present a certificate of that by 26th of April 2024. Preferences will be given to early-stage researchers.

Please arrange for the minimum of two recommendation letters to be sent directly to the same electronic address as above. The letters may be issued up to 6 months before the application deadline.

To receive full consideration, the application deadline is 12th of April 2024 till the end of the day (Prague/Europe timezone). The receipt of applications will be acknowledged by email. Once the evaluation process is completed, successful applicants will be notified (short list will be preselected within 2 weeks from the application deadline).

Further information: