ARC Node

The Czech ARC node

The Czech ARC node provides support not only to Czech ALMA users, but also to applicants from countries of the Central and Eastern European region, e.g. from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary etc. In particular we provide the following services:

(1) Scientific and technical support to ALMA users in the fields that are not yet covered, or are covered only partially, with other existing European ARC nodes, especially: (i) solar and (extra) galactic astrophysics, (ii) laboratory measurements of molecular spectral lines
(2) Observation planning and data quality checking
(3) Data storage and processing, data reduction using CASA.

The Czech ARC node is formed as a consortium of the Astronomical Institute (ASCR) and the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Prague, with further cooperation with the Charles University in Prague and the Masaryk University in Brno.

Link to working version of the Czech ARC node proposal (pdf).
Link to presentation of the Czech ARC node (ppt).