Solarigraphy Meeting 2023: Between Science, Art, and Education

Registration is now open ! Please use the form available here.

Solarigraphy combines art, photography and science to produce unique images of the sky. To explore this unusal method of astrophotography, we invite scientists, photographers, artists and teachers to discuss all aspects of the process in June 2023 at the Ondřejov Observatory. Anyone is welcome no matter their level of experience.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss all aspects of solarigraphy: from its roots in conceptual art and astronomy, through photographic chemical processes, different techniques and camera types, to legal aspects and the use of the solarigraphy in education and public outreach. We will also discuss more general aspects of the overlap between science and art, and exhibitions of soligraphic photographs will be presented.

The format of this event will be similar to that of the meeting held in 2021. The official languages will be Czech and English.

Poster design by Anna Betlejewska (Instagram).

Important dates

21st March 2023 : Registration opens
21st April 2023 : Abstract submission deadline
8th May 2023 : Registration deadline
~22nd May 2023 : Program finalised
8th  10th June 2023 : The meeting

Abstract Submission and Registration

Whether you intend to give a presentation or just meet other solarigraphers, please use the following registration form to indicate your attendence. The registation fee for the meeting is 800 CZKThis covers three breakfasts (8-10th June), two lunches (8-9th June,) coffee breaks, accomodation and social events. The fee should be paid by cash at the start of the meeting.

The registration form is available here.

Venue and Logistics

The meeting will take place in the solar department of the Ondřejov Observatory, Czech Republic. The contact details for the Observatory are :

Astronomický ústav AV ČR
Fričova 298
251 65 Ondřejov

More information about reaching the Observatory can be found here. You can also find us with and Google maps. The meeting will be in the solar department building, please see the link for the exact location (the building will be signposted).

Accomodation : We have a limited number of rooms available on-site for participants. Please indicate your preference for this in the registration form.

Meals : Breakfast (8-10th June) and lunch (8-9th June) will be provided as part of the meeting, as well as tea and coffee breaks throughout the day. Dinner arrangements will vary from day to day, please see the program.

Remote participation : While some invited speakers will present via Zoom, this is intended primarily as an in-person meeting.

Exhibitions : The meeting will feature the opening of a post-contest solarigraphy exhibition. We will also display images from the exhibition "Written in Wroclaw".


Full details of the program and social events are now available. For the online session, Zoom information will be sent to the particapants via email. While the Zoom meeting will only be available to registered participants, part of the session (from 2pm onwards) will be publicly available on YouTube at this link :

The full meeting schedule is as follows :

Wednesday 7th June

4 - 6 pm

Registration in the solar department building (see "Venue and Logistics")

6 pm onwards

Informal dinner for any early arrivals

Thursday 8th June

8:00 am Registration and breakfast
9:00 am Session 1
Maciej Zapiór (Czech Republic/Poland) - 30 min. Welcome. Why are we here?
Cezary Bartczak (Poland) - 20 min. Design and construction of pinhole cameras.
Horizontal solarigraphy interchange – 50 min
10:40 am Post-contest solarigraphy exhibition opening (solar building corridor).
11:10 am Visit to the astronomical museum
12:00 pm Lunch

1:30 pm

Online session part 1

Tarja Trygg (Finland) - 30 min. The Global Solargraphy Project.

Pablo Giori (Spain) - 60 min. A Social History of Experimental Photography: Science, Analog, Industry and Digital

3:00 pm Coffee break
3:30 - 5:30 pm Online session part 2
Justin Quinnell (UK) – 30 min. Solargraphy and alt photo in education
Michael Wesely (Germany) – 30 min. The Camera was Present
Corine Dufresne-Deslières (Canada) – 30 min. Archiving the Territory: The Alternative of Solarigraphy
Heather Palecek (US) – 30 min. Solargraphy outside the realm of Astronomy
7:00 - 10:00 pm Social event: BBQ (next to the HSFA-2 solar spectrograph)

Friday 9th June

8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Session 2
Maciej Zapiór (Czech Republic/Poland) - 30 min. The current state of the solarigraphy
Marek Jasiński (Poland) - 20 min. Photographic paper test for use for solargraphy
9:50 am Coffee break
10:10 am Session 3
Martina Pavelková (Czech Republic) 30 min. Solar activity
Božena Solarová (Czech Republic) – 30 min. Co můžeme čekat od Slunce (in Czech)
11:10 am Visit to the Solar Patrol Service and the analemma room.
12:00 pm Lunch

Afternoon social events

1:30 pm

Wpisana we Wrocław exhibition opening (Seminary room behind 2-meter telescope)

2:30 pm

Władysław Kosendiak (Poland) Free improvisation on saxophone (2-meter telescope)

3:30 pm

Visit to the observatory (2-meter telescope, HSFA-2, radio telescope)
6:00 - 11:00 pm Trip to Hrusice

Saturday 10th June

8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Session 3
Łukasz Rogiński & Jakub Pacuk (Poland) – 20 min. First year with solarygraphy
Grzegorz Hussak (Poland) – 20 min. Solarigraphy on glass negative
Yeva Poliak (Ukraine) – 20 min. The pinhole photography festival in Odessa in Ukraine
Alexandre Sampaio (Portugal) – 20 min. SOLARIUM
Tomáš Slanina (Czech Republic) – 30 min. Chemistry Driven by Light
10:50 am Coffee break
11:20 am Session 4
Helena Jiráková (Czech Republic) - 30 min. Astronomie v umění (in Czech)
Rhys Taylor (Czech Republic) - 30 min. Seeing through radio eyes: how data visualisation combines art and science
Zbigniew Makarewicz (Poland) - 30 min. Science as art or art as politics
12:50 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Session 5
Discussion: Conclusions and future plans
3:00 pm Visiting the exhibition "Stones and Stars"
3:30 pm Presentations
6:00 -10:00 pm Conference dinner

Sunday 11th June

9:00 am onwards Check-out from accomodation, end of meeting

About the Organisers

Ondřejov Observatory is the headquarters of the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. More details can be found on our webpage.

This meeting is a collaboration between the Astronomical Institute and the solar branch of the Czech Astronomical Society, details here.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact any of the Local Organising Committe members :

Maciej Zapiór (Polish) : zapior.maciek <at>
Wenjuan Liu (Chinese) : wenjuan.liu <at>
Artem Koval (Ukrainian) : artem.koval <at>
Bozena Solarova (Czech) : bozena.solarova <at>
Rhys Taylor (English) : rhys.taylor <at>