ALMA Science Portal:

The ALMA Science Portal is a one-stop source for information and tools aimed at the scientific community as a whole, including proposers, archive researchers, ALMA staff, journalists, and funding agencies.


ALMA Observing Tool (OT):

The ALMA Observing Tool (OT) is a Java application used for the preparation and submission of ALMA Phase 1 (observing proposal) and Phase 2 (telescope runfiles for accepted proposals) materials. Here you can find how to install and work with OT (Section “Tools/Observing Tool” of ALMA Science Portal).


Proposing for ALMA data:

Information about proposals for Cycle4, what you need to make proposal, guides, manuals (Section “Proposing” of ALMA Science Portal):


ALMA Cycle 4 Proposer’s Guide:

Contains all pertinent information regarding the ALMA Call for Proposals.


ALMA Cycle 4 Technical Handbook:

A comprehensive description of the ALMA observatory and its components. Short introduction in radio interferometry.