ALMA Cycle 8 Call for Proposals delayed!

On behalf of the ALMA Director, with support from all Executives and the ALMA Board, the recent decisions taken regarding the status of Cycle 7 and Cycle 8 are as follows:

  • The start of ALMA Cycle 8 has been postponed until 2021 October. It is anticipated that the Cycle 8 Call for Proposals will open again in 2021 March.
  • ALMA Cycle 7 will continue through 2021 September, with currently non-completed projects ranked A, B and C remaining in the observing queue.

There remain many questions outstanding regarding resuming observations and accepting future proposals during these uncertain times.  ALMA is working on these questions and will provide a next update to the community in the coming weeks.

The Regional ARCs continue to provide support to their communities. Please contact the ALMA Helpdesk at https://help.almascience.org if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

More information is provided in the following News Item



ALMA Cycle 8 Call for Proposals is open

The ALMA Cycle 8 Call for Proposals (CfP) for scientific observations to be scheduled from October 2020 to September 2021 is open. ALMA Cycle 8 proposal submission has opened at 15:00 UT on Tuesday, 17 March 2020.

The tentative key dates for Cycle 8 are given in the following Table.

Date Milestone
17 March 2020 (15:00 UT) Release of Cycle 8 Call for Proposals, Observing Tool, and supporting documents and opening of the Archive for proposal submission
NO EARLIER than 1500 UT on 19 May, 2020 Proposal submission deadline for Cycle 8 proposals
End of July 2020 Announcement of the outcome of the proposal review process process
9 September 2020 Deadline for submission of Phase 2 material for Cycle 8 accepted proposals
October 2020 Start of ALMA Cycle 8 science observations
September 2021 End of ALMA Cycle 8

The ALMA Proposer’s Guide contains all pertinent information regarding the ALMA Call for Proposals. A comprehensive description of the ALMA observatory and its components can be found in the ALMA Technical Handbook.

For information not provided at the Science Portal, proposers may submit a Helpdesk ticket. Registration at the ALMA Science Portal is required to submit a Helpdesk ticket.