A funded Ph.D. position in Solar Physics in Ondřejov

Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences invites applications for a doctoral (Ph.D.) position in the group of Structure and Dynamics of Solar Atmosphere in Ondřejov Observatory.

The position will be fully funded from the project "Evolution of sunspots and active regions" supported by the Czech Science Foundation. The successful applicant will join the group of Structure and Dynamics of Solar Atmosphere, which resides in Ondřejov (about 30 km from Prague), and will work together with Michal Švanda, Jan Jurčák, and Michal Sobotka. It is expected that the applicant enrolls an accredited Ph.D. programme in Physics at Charles University in Prague  or Masaryk University in Brno. The specialization of the Ph.D. study is negotiable, however it has to be closely related to the above mentioned project. The possible topics include the semi-empirical description of evolution of solar active regions from state-of-the-art data and methods, and coupling between magnetic and velocity fields. It is expected that the applicant will participate in securing the ground-based observations with GREGOR solar telescope.

The position is supported by a salary, which is based on the domestic levels (about CZK 26,000 brutto) and includes a health insurance. The position is also connected with a decent travel budget. The funding is secured until the end of 2020. Additional funding might be available at the university in a form of a scholarship. A necessary condition for the appointment is to satisfy the legal requirements for being employed in the Czech Republic. The applicant must hold an advanced level (MSc. equivalent) university degree in astronomy or physics or be expected to obtain one before the beginning of the contract. For informal inquiries about the position please feel free to email svanda(at) or jan.jurcak(at)

Applications containing a Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, List of Publications (if applicable), and Summary of Research Plans should be submitted in a single pdf

to: sekretariat (at)

subject: “SDSA - Ph.D. position 2018”

cc: jan.jurcak(at)

Candidates are encouraged to arrange for two recommendation letters that have to be sent to the same email addresses with the same subject. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2018, the admission deadline to apply for a Ph.D. programme at either collaborating university is 30 April 2018. The working contract may start once the admission procedure is successfully completed, probably on 1 July 2018 or later, and it is negotiable.

Further information: Website of the Astronomical Institute. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague to learn about the admission procedure. Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno to learn about the admission procedure. Details about the research employment and work conditions in Czech Republic.